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Porsche owners don’t just own a car, they own a piece of themselves they can drive. This often means that when issues pop up every now and then, panic can set in. Rather than assume the worst, it helps to have an insight into what might be happening before you even take your Porsche in to get it checked out. When a check engine light comes on, it likely means you are going to get nervous and worry. Don’t stress: there are some different things you can check on before taking your car in to help alleviate some anxiety. Most of the issues that pop up are minor, and can be fixed fairly quickly, so long as you get them into a mechanic in a timely matter.

Why is my Check Engine Light On?

There are plenty of reasons you might be seeing a check engine light lit up on the dashboard of your Porsche. Consider these common ailments before assuming the worst. No matter what, always take your car in to see a professional technician to make sure, but if these are things you have not replaced in awhile, it may be the reason you have a check engine light on.

Spark Plugs

Porsche owners will find in their manual that spark plugs ought to be replaced every 100,000 miles or so, and if you cannot remember ever replacing them, they may be the reason you see a check engine light. Even if you are not at 100,000 miles yet, they may be wearing out, and luckily it is a quick and inexpensive fix once you get it in to a mechanic.

Gas Cap Malfunctioning/Loose

Don’t laugh, but sometimes when your check engine light is lit up, it is your Porsche trying to tell you something is wrong with your gas cap. The gas cap on your vehicle serves two distinct purposes. First of all, it keeps gas vapors from leaking out of your car, which can diminish your Porsche’s mileage and efficiency. Additionally, it keeps fuel from leaking in the event of an accident, which can possibly be very dangerous. If your cap is damage, it is not hard to replace, and much easier than something internal to the car. Give it a check, and make sure if your cap looks undamaged that you click your cap at least once into the tank to make sure it is secure.

Airflow Sensor

If your Porsche’s airflow sensor is malfunctioning, your car is in a bit of trouble. Not only will your emission levels rise, but your mileage efficiency will drop. In worst cases, cars can actually stall out if they are unable to flow air through the vehicle as designed.


If you’re having trouble finding the culprit for your check engine light being on, take your Porsche into Newman’s Automotive. The expert team at Newman’s can find the fix your car is needing and ensure your safety and worry-free driving.

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