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Your vehicles are one of your business’ top investments, without them you wouldn’t have your fleet for your business! So, taking proper care of them is essential to managing a productive business. With a business focused around vehicles, come maintenance to ensure your fleet stays on the road. Without it you risk compromising your employees’ safety, failing inspections and paying for costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtime, all of which equals to loss of profits.

How can fleet maintenance help extend equipment’s lifespan?

Every business owner wants to get the most out of their investment, which means getting the most out of your vehicles. We all know that proper maintenance extends equipment’s longevity – for example, something as simple as keeping tires at the proper pressure and rotating them regularly increases their mileage. 

Let’s start at the very beginning, “a good place to start” is following the service schedule provided by the vehicle’s manual. However, keep in mind that you are driving these vehicles more than the daily driver, so the maintenance schedule is going to differ from the owner’s manual. We recommend that you cut the number the manual says in half and build your maintenance schedule on that sliced number instead. Having a GPS fleet tracking software helps managers stay on top of maintenance schedules by automatically tracking metrics like mileage, fuel use and engine hours, making it easier to know when each vehicle is due for repairs.

Can regular fleet maintenance reduce overall repair costs? 

Not only does routine maintenance help sense any problems before they become serious, over time it saves your business money. How? While you may think getting vehicles serviced constantly would be a drain on your budget, well believe it or not it is less costly to do small and regular maintenance over time than waiting until you are having to replace an entire engine. 

What every business owner strives to do is not to have major technical problem, because that means you losing money, probably more than what the repairs cost. If even one of your vehicles must be taken off the road for an extended time for extensive repairs, the resulting unplanned downtime means wasted wages and delayed loads, both of which impact the bottom line. 

If you are looking into having a dedicated team to manage your fleet maintenance, give us a call at Newmans Auto, we’d be honored to protect your investment by maintaining your vehicles to proper health!

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