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Are you a proud owner of a VW? These cars are fun and reliable! Car owners love the advantages of having a European car parked in their garage. If you want to maintain the durability of the car, then you need to keep up with regular maintenance.   How do you know which mechanic to call when it is time for repairs?

There are many different mechanics in the Austin, TX area. But, it is important to understand that they aren’t all created equal. You need to be sure that you find an experienced mechanic with VW repair. These European cars are built differently than other cars. So, certain skills are needed to complete the repairs in a high-quality manner.

Here at Newman’s Automotive, we are proud to offer VW repair in Austin, TX. We have the right certifications and experience that you need. Call us right away to learn more about the services that we offer.

Does Your VW Need Maintenance or Repairs?

It is important for every car owner to understand the difference between maintenance and repairs. Regular maintenance is a proactive approach to help you avoid bigger problems in the future. Every car manufacturer offers recommendations about a maintenance schedule. Make sure that you understand these maintenance tasks and stay consistent with the schedule. You can check your owner’s manual or talk with our team for more information about the schedule for your car.

Even if your car seems to be working fine, these maintenance tasks are still essential. Sticking with the maintenance schedule will help you to avoid bigger car repairs.

On the other hand, VW repairs are needed if something is wrong with the car. You might need VW repair if you notice the car isn’t working right. Sometimes, it might be something simple like a strange noise. In other instances, you might be in a situation where the car is broken down on the side of the road.

At Newman’s Automotive, we offer both standard maintenance and emergency repairs. We will help you with the right maintenance schedule. Additionally, we offer fast services if you encounter a problem with your car.

Common Types of Car Maintenance

What kinds of car maintenance services are required? The frequency of these services depends on the recommendations in your owner’s manual. Typical maintenance services include thing such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Brake repair
  • Transmission checks
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Changing the spark plugs
  • General tune-up

By maintaining consistency with these repairs, you will extend the life of your VW. When you invest in a car, it is essential that you protect the quality and durability of the vehicle!

These regular repairs and inspections also give us the opportunity to identify potential problems that might get worse in the future. It is much easier to repair small problems right now, instead of waiting for bigger repair bills when the car breaks down.

Scheduling an Appointment for VW Repair

When you stay proactive with the maintenance of your car, then you can plan the repair schedule around your busy life. Here at Newman’s Automotive, we work hard to offer fast and efficient services. If you need regular maintenance for your VW, then we invite you to call us to schedule an appointment.

You can choose to bring the car in and then wait in the lobby while we are working on your car. Or, it might be more convenient to drop the car off and pick it up after we are done with the maintenance. It’s up to you to decide the plan that will work best for you!

We want to be sure that every customer is satisfied with the service they receive in our shop. Our team at Newman’s Automotive is always focused on customer care. If you have questions about the repairs, then you are welcome to talk with one of our mechanics. You will have the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation. This undivided attention will allow you to learn more about the maintenance and repair for your VW.

You are welcome to look online to find information about our company. It is easy to see that our customers have been very satisfied with the quality of service that we deliver! At Newman’s Automotive, we are working hard to develop the reputation as the best VW repair shop in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Do you need more information about VW repair? We want to help with your car. Call our experienced team at Newman’s Automotive, and we will gladly answer your questions and schedule a time to meet. We provide the VW maintenance and repair tasks you need. Our VW repair shop is at 3916 Woodbury Dr, Austin, TX 78704. You are welcome to fill out the online contact form to talk with us, or call our office at (512) 447-7801


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