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Electric Vehicle (EV) Service & Repair Austin

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, in part because of some really impressive progress in battery life. Maintaining an EV’s battery is one of the toughest things about keeping your car running for the long term. A wide variety of repairs and maintenance checkups can really help ensure the life of your car hits the state of the art durability promised with today’s newest vehicles. Longevity comes easy with an EV, and by ensuring a properly running battery, your car can stay with you for the foreseeable future and beyond.

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Routine Checkups and Repairs

 Keeping your EV up to date is as easy as making sure to stay on top of some routine checkups and repairs, Newman’s Automotive performs all Electric Vehicle services including:

  • Checking the condition of the High Voltage Battery
  • Comprehensive State of Health and Battery and Conditioning
  • Battery Testing and Conditioning for your EV
  • Front Brake System Maintenance for your EV
  • Regularly repairing worn out High Voltage Cables
  • Replacing of Cables from Battery Packs to Power Inverter
  • Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Flush for Power Electronics
  • Honda Power Electronics & Battery Cooling System Inspection
  • Transmission Fluid Flushing and Cleaning
  • Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Filter Element Replacement
  • Ford Escape Hybrid Air Conditioning System Diagnostic Inspection

Make Newman’s Automotive is Your Electric Vehicle Repair and Service Center

The tough thing about being an EV owner is not having access to quality car care. A lot of automotive shops fail to house the technology needed to provide EV care and repairs. It’s not necessarily surprising, given the cost of the technology. Plus, more cars are not electric than are, and it’s easier to cater to what has long been considered the norm in vehicle. Some automotive teams, however, are making the smart move to invest in EV repair and care technology. Without these teams, EV owners and hybrid car drivers would not have a trusted, certified car care team. Luckily, the Austin, Texas area has a trusted partner in EV repairs, condition upkeep, and overall care.

Newman’s Automotive  Austin Texas has a certified team ready to ensure your hybrid or electric vehicle is up to top standards. By investing in the technology needed to keep up the condition and service repairs of electric vehicles, Newman’s Automotive in Austin Texas is ensuring a partner in Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Care.



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