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BMW owners want the best for their vehicles. The top tier motor company has been designing high class vehicles for years now, and owners buy a BMW expecting the best. Unfortunately, that doesn’t just fall as a responsibility to the car maker. Owners need to keep up with the needs of a BMW, including some of the more seemingly trivial parts of a car. Nothing gets overlooked more than a car’s air filter. At an oil change, the technician might show you a dirty filter, and its still not enough. Make no mistake: air filters need changing in a BMW, and ignoring it causes issues.

How Often to Change a BMW Air Filter

Usually an air filter is visibly dirty and is easy to eye if in need of a cleaning. A dirty air filter can hurt acceleration by 6 to 11 percent. Acceleration is harder to measure than fuel economy, so the decrease in efficiency may not be noticeable. Over time, it will become clear, if you watch closely. For that reason, it’s a good idea to periodically visually check the engine air filter to make sure it’s clean.

Is There a Regularly Recommended Time to Change an Air Filter?

Most BMWs call for 30,000 mile changes in their owner’s manual. That being said, waiting for the filter to get visibly dirty can sometimes be too much. Another rule if the car does not get used more often than 30,000 miles is to watch for a filter change every 3 years. A little bit of dust and dirt does not limit the filter too much, but after 30,000 miles of 3 years, it is time for a change.

Severe Driving Conditions

BMW owners who practice severe driving ought to change their filters much more often. For example, if a car is getting used every day, an air filter change is much more effective at 15,000 miles. At this point, the filter has been worked to a level that calls for more frequent maintenance.

Newman’s Auto

When its time for an air filter change, Newman’s Auto is the best place to be. The expert team at Newman’s Auto is equipped to know the right time to get your BMW a new filter. Call today for routine maintenance, needed repairs, and any concern for your car.

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